Sea fishing dangerThe sea is a very wild environment and I do not need to tell you how dangerous it is. You must remember that even on calm days you can get into trouble if you end up in the sea. Strong currents and cold seas are as much of a killer as large obvious waves battering the coast line. Do not get stranded by the flooding tide, look for tide marke on the beach and rocks, make sure there is a safe path back to land.

As well as the sea some of the species caught in British waters can give you a nasty sting, bite or scrape. You should do some research on which species to be careful of as a general rule the more spines and fins it has the more careful you need to be!


Dress well, lots of layers to keep warm and preferably get a well made floatation suite, just in-case you take an unexpected dip! Bright coloured clothing should be considered unless you are stalking fish. Rubber boats are slippery on rocks, stout walking boots should be considered.


Take some quality food. Carb. rich snacks and warm soups are always well received when out fishing on a cold dark night. If you are organised enough make a few rounds of sandwiches and some fruit and off you go.

Keep in touch when fishing

Let some one know where you are going and what time you will be back! Take the time to phone and let people know you will be late or going to a different mark rather than not bothering.

Research your mark well and go prepared for the conditions and expect the unexpected. A golden rule and a hard to follow one is if you catch that dream fish do not put yourself at risk in order to land it. Make sure you go home, even if empty handed.