I have added a new category for Sea fishing shore marks.

I have great knowledge of marks in Devon, Cornwall, The Isle of Man and Dorset so that’s where I will start. However when it comes to the rest of the country, I am starting to struggle.

Ramsgate, Dover, Sea Brook, Fleetwood, The Tyne, Whitby, Lowestoft are all areas I hear of but know little about so I will have to research them unless you can write them for me and have a chance of winning the £40 on offer on the fishing-blog competition.

This feature will add a great new dimension to this fishing blog and I hope it will help some of its 100 200 300 daily users.

I also plan on adding more video venue guides like this one at Loe Bar in Cornwall

The future

The focus of the blog is also turning more and more towards Sea angling and its many facets, so I feel that some of the coarse fishing and carp fishing articles will take a back seat for a while.

Kayak fishing is taking off in the UK and our users of the site seem to indulge many hours in the kayak fishing section here on the Fishing blog, so there will be a focus on bringing more information forward regarding this method of sea angling.

I have written here about the reasons for trying Kayak fishing

Thank you for your support