What Sea fish you can expect to catch in January?

Fishing is often harsh, with cold nights and cutting winds. Make sure you wrap up well and keep warm and safe. It can be productive on a good night with lots of tide. Great fishing to be had after a storm.

This is now the peak month in the most of the UK with Cod, Rockling and Whiting coming off most beaches.

Dog Fish, Pouting and Pollock are around. Dab and Flounder are still around in good numbers. Ray;Thorn and Small eyed are around, smaller numbers but good size. The odd Bass will still be hunting, again good size fish are most likely.

Boat fishing in January

Big Cod and Pollock should be coming off the wrecks, with the odd ling. The colder water generally slows down conger. It’s a great season for boat angling, so get out there.

Salt Water LRF

LRF Fishing comes into it’s own. Rockling, Pollock, Wrasse, Flounder, Small Bass and anyone of a number of mini species. It’s great practice for your lure fishing, really honing your skill set and you will be amazed at the number of species you can catch. The next couple of months are hard work for any sea angler, but with an LRF set up you will enjoy some great fishing…

We are heading towards the season when many fish head off shore to spawn so get fishing now while its still good.