The problem with any new sport, especially for youndsters is the cost of getting all the gear, only for them to try once and say “I hate Fishing”. There is a really cheap way to get you fishing and one that will work just fine. It will be ideal for a bit of fun on the end of the Pier, a Pontoon or off the Harbour wall, read on for a cheap sea fishing setup.

Cheap Sea Fishing Setup

You need a  6-8 ft spinning rod / fun rod and reel normally about £ 10 ish from a sea side tackle shop. Fill the reel with cheap  8 – 10lb line and a 20 lb leader 10 to 15 ft long, this is not for casting but for protecting the line from rubbing on the rocks, snags and other objects…

On the end of the rig you can tie on a lead link or paper clip, to this you can attach a weight, either a lead fishing weight, a small bag of pebbles or a nut and bolt. The paper clip will act as a rotten bottom and will release should the weight get caught and snagged, saving your rig and even fish if you snag while playing the fish.

You want to attach a small hook, a long shank size 8 or 10 will do, but anything you can get your hands on will do as long as it is sharp. You need to attach this to a snood, made form a double overhand knot and cutting one end… Look at the video below

Fish love hunting man made structures for their tea and this cheap sea fishing setup is perfect. Harbours and Marinas (where fishing is allowed) offer some great fishing in calm deep water marks. It is safe (as safe as the water can be) easier access and full of small Wrasse, Pollock, School Bass, Mullet, Conger and other little species. Please be courteous of other facility users, clean up and be polite while fishing.

Bait can include worm and fish baits. Bread and pate will even catch small Pollock!! Honestly stick anything with a scent on your hook and enjoy!!!!

You can fish this rig on the bottom to start, then just reel in a few turns after 5 mins and fish, if nothing reel up a bit more. Change your bait every 10 – 15 mins and keep working until you catch a fishey!! You can gently cast, but keep casting to new areas if you don’t catch first go.

This is a simple and effective way to fish. Many countries only use rigs like this on big colourful hand line reels, no rods or fancy stuff. You could use this rig idea for Kayak fishing or boat fishing. Use spark plugs, stones in bits of onion sacks or whatever you can get your hands on as weights.

Simple rigs work and will cost next to nothing, get out there, buy a small cheap rod and get fishing! 20 pounds an you could have years of fun!!!!

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