This is going to be a two part review. I have pictured the them so you can really get a feel for the quality and colours. I will then be sending them to a Pro Bass angler to field test. That will be published later this month or early next month.

Lure Review Part 1

I have been speaking to a company representative from DUO International (Designed by Ultimate Organizer) about testing a number of  lures from their product range. Well today they arrived from Japan, only a few days after I was told they were in the post. Already this company shows they are efficient.

On unpacking the lures I am very impressed. The packaging is great quality, protecting the lures from knocks and scrapes. When you actually get your hands on them you can feel and see the quality.

Hooks are strong and well forged, split rings (attaching hooks to the lure) appear strong and well made. The anchors for the hook eyes and line attachment are sturdy. The finish is out of this world, tough looking and very detailed.

The Lures

The selection of lures sent to me are as follows:

  • Tide Minnow Slim 175 – Pale blue back, into silver / white. Weight 27g. Dives to about 1 meter. Length 175mm. Rattles.
  • Tide Minnow SLD-f 125 – Dark speckled blue / black back into silver. Weight 14.5g. Floating lure. Length 125mm. Rattles.
  • Vibration 62 – Black back orange into yellow flanks. Weight 11g.  Sinking. Length 62mm. Rattles (loud!)
  • Pencil 110 – Bronze into copper flanks. Weight 20.5g. Floating. Rattles.

Below is a selection of photographs in an attempt to show you the important aspects of these lures.The images taken with a white background are in natural light so you get a true idea of the colour combinations on each lure.

Photographs of Lures

click an image to get a large view.

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************* UPDATE *****************

Thought I would share this great competition being held by the guys at DUO!

As I promised, due to positive reaction which we have received and also as a sign of gratitude to all our fans, there will be a contest at our website every month now.

Last time we had some fun with guessing the lures from the picture, however since DUO is new to many countries, some of our fans may not be so well-accustomed with our range.

That is why today the contest question will be much easier(more of a survey really). To win a set of lures and some promotional items

Follow the facebook link or go to the DUO web site and follow the link to the staff blog to read more!

Also please visit the DUO fishing lures web site or follow them on facebook