Rag worm are a superb sea fishing bait. They stay alive on the hook for ages and can be presented in a few ways from boats and the shore depending if you are after movement or a scent trail for fish to follow.

Using Rag worm as Sea Fishing Bait

  1. A single or a few small worm can be hooked through the head area leaving the tails to wiggle below. This creates a bait full of movement, ideal for Flounder fishing. Harbor rag or Maddies work well for this.
  2. Use a bunch of rag worm laced up over the hook onto the line. This is good for presenting bigger baits and casting longer ranges than from using the method above. Useful when learning how to start sea fishing.
  3. The use of rag as a cocktail bait can prove very successful indeed. Thread on a bunch of rag and tip it with another bait ie. Crab, Squid or fish bait.

So depending on the target species and combined with the sort of range you are looking to cast, or the tide strength you are fishing in if from a boat, Rag can be used in different was dependant on the circumstance, location, method and prey fish (don’t give fish with small mouths a huge bait!!), in all they are a fantastic bait for people learning how to sea fish.

Rag Worm Sea Fishing Bait

Digging Rag Worm

Find a location where it is legal to dig. Ideal Rag worm beds tend to be more gritty, composed of coarse sand and gravel. Harbour Rag are found in softer conditions, more silt / sand mix. Get some local knowledge and go from there.

I use a wide pronged fork and generally trench (dig in a long line through as many surface holes as I can find). Take out a fork full of substrate, then another one further back, but joining the first hole. I then go back to the first hole area and go one fork deeper, keeping to this pattern. Effectively you are making a trench two forks deep. You need to check each fork full carefully for any rag and place them into a bucket as you find them.

You can dig individual holes. Start infornt and dig quickly taking small fork fulls at a time, back and past the hole. Rag will move quite quickly, so be sure to dig at a reasonable speed.

For storage keep them in some torn up news paper or vermiculite to keep them moist, but not dry. Stored in the fridge they should last a good week as long as you remove the dead and dying on a daily basis.

If you have any tips or questions regarding the digging of Rag worm please comment on this post.

image: Daniel