Deeper Fish Finder Review

I would like to introduce to you a small black ball filled with amazing gadgets that will show you your fishing mark like you have never been able to see it before, all via your mobile phone or tablet with bluetooth and iOS or Android capability.

Technology has become small enough and powerful enough to produce a fully mobile fish finder that would just fit into your pocket.

Technology tackles fishing!

If you are interested in catching more fish or you are fed up with blanking this is the right gadget for you…


Fish Finder Review

Deeper Fishfinder (FLDP-04) with UK Wall adapter, Car charger and 13% DISCOUNT

I would like to introduce to you a small black ball filled with amazing gadgets that will show you your fishing mark like you have never been able to see it before, all via your mobile phone or tablet with blue tooth and iOS or Android capability.

Key Sonar Features

  • Size: 65mm diameter
  • Weight: 100 grams / 0.22 lb
  • Build Material: ABS
  • Compatibility: From iOS 5.0 and Android 2.3 to the latest iOS and Android devices
  • Connection: Bluetooth
  • Range: Up to ~140 – 160 Feet (~40-50 meters)
  • Depth Range Max/Min: 130 Feet (40 meters)
  • Operational Temperature range: -4F to 104F (-20C to 40C)
  • Battery: Li-Poly, 3.7V Rechargeable via USB
  • Sonar type: Dual beam
  • Frequency: 290 kHz (15deg) / 90 kHz (55deg)

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Deeper Fishfinder Review

“The Deeper” Fish Finder is starting to revolutionize fresh and saltwater fishing and how we understand the areas we are fishing, improving catch rates and increasing your enjoyment. Don’t get left behind, Buy One Here Today with 13% off

You need to pair the sonar ball via Bluetooth to see what it views as the sonar emits and receives waves of energy mapping out the river, sea or pond bed via your phone or tablet. The Deeper unit will also give you water temperatures as well as indicating where the fish are.

This powerful and uniquely design equipment combined with innovative technology has produced a device which is accurate and totally mobile, which can be used in most environments and any season.

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The Smart Fishfinder user interface also has a fishing log to enabling you to record when your marks produce the fish down to the hour… The fishing log app allows you to take photos on the day so you can see the cloud cover sea state or all the fish you have caught, the exact time, location and weather data. Tides can also be included in note form within the app.

The mobile app also controls the sensitivity of the sonar and allows you to switch between the different frequencies dependent on your fishing demands. The Deeper Mobile app also allows you to control the detail you see, to put the sonar into sleep mode to preserve battery.

The dual frequency feature of the transponder assists, the narrow beam 290 kHz provides a very accurate view of what is in the water i.e. fish, structures and the shape of the bottom and the wide beam 90 kHz is ideal for searching for fish, holding areas and underwater features!

deeper Sonar

The design and development behind this device allows you excellent imagery of the bottom, structures and most importantly fish to allow easy targeting of them. In fact the display is one of the most intuitive on the market.deeper-fish-finder5

The manufactures will offer regular updates which can be added via your mobile device and Deeper App. So all the latest and newest features will be at your finger tips.

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Deeper Review UK

The Deeper App also integrates with social media applications so, if you want you can quickly spread the word about your latest catch with Facebook Friends, Twitter and Google+

The unit is castable, so you can really start to learn about what is happening under the water of you favorite shore fishing mark. With a range of 160 feet you have plenty of scope to find that fish holding underwater feature. Perfect to tow behind you while small boat or kayak fishing whilst searching for the hot fishing mark.Fish Sonar

Review Summary

A great and versatile device. Used in combination with common sense, google maps and sensible usage this compact and portable fish finder is an amazing addition to your tackle arsenal. Perfect for finding gullies and holding features from the shore or bank as well as finding reefs and wrecks while small boat or kayak fishing.

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