There are three methods I know of to catch bait prawns.

Prawn funnel trap

  • Create a funnel trap for prawns by getting a large soft drinks/water bottle, cutting the top off about where the label stops. Then shoving the top back into the bottle with the neck inside the creating a funnel. You then need to stitch this in place so it can be removed and replaced when emptying the prawn trap. Fill it with some sand for weight and attach a line to the prawn trap (melting a hole with a hot spike is best). Bait the prawn trap and lower it along side a harbour wall or similar for a day.

Drop Net prawn fishing

  • Get a drop net, bait it with old fish or similar and lower down along side a wall. Leave it for 10 mins then haul it in quickly, you should have a few prawns for bait!!

Prawn net

  • The final method is dead simple but requires you to get into the water. You need a net with a flat front. Walk up to weed beds, rocks, cliffs and walls at low tide. Start the net in the water against the object and run the net up to the surface keeping contact with the object at all times and you should catch some prawns. Its worth using cable ties to attach a piece of halved garden hose to the front edge of the net to protect it from wear.

Bait bucket / kettle

This bait kettle is an ideal item to take with you to keep your prawns alive. You can buy an air pump that fits into a side pocket and keep any live bait going for hours – ideal for kayak fishing, shore fishing or boat fishing. The whole thing costs £17.95 including the pump. to have a better look click here Bait kettle

If there is a method you use or would like to know about then please comment on this post about catching prawns.