This Article is about the genius distance rig known as the cascade rig and is a guide on how effective it is with regards to presentation and distance. Most beginners ( take a look at our sea fishing for¬†beginners¬†guide) will look at more seasoned Anglers who may be using the cascade and think 1. How do they cast so far? and 2. How do they catch so many fish? and today after i have shown you how to make this rig you too will have more success in both of these area’s. I have seen fisherman and asked the same question and in turn questioned my own ability to catch fish so when i heard they were using cascade rigs i immediately took the time to find out how to make them and now i want to share this knowledge to help you catch more. The name cascade is because that is exactly what this rig does after being clipped up then cast it hits the water and each snood is released in a cascading motion one after the other. The rig is made up of either a gemini splashdown clip or a splashdown lead, 2 or 3 snoods, tension springs, crimps and cascade swivels and I will talk you through each of these.

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The spring kits i use personally and find are the best quality are made by Fox. The kits come complete with 10 springs crimps and soft stoppers and although you may not want to use those particular crimps it is still a nice touch that they come with the springs. The springs are used on the second and third snoods to keep them nice and tight and when released spring the snood out of the way of the others leaving it tangle free. You place a crimp then a bead then a spring then your cascade swivel with the snood attached then another bead and crimp and follow that process on the 3rd snood if you are using one.








Cascade swivels are as much an essential part of the cascade rig as the tension springs. Cascade swivels are similiar to normal swivels but have a clip protruding from them to hold a hook in place keeping the rig neat and aero dynamic. Clipping down your snoods not only allows for better distance on casts but also keeps your bait looking superb by the time it hits the sea bed.






I am so impressed with these clips that i no longer buy splashdown leads. These little clips fit any standard lead and lock the hook into place with a special clip device stopping it from releasing early. To use them you simply clip the eye of the lead into the clip on the gemini splashdown and hey presto you have the ultimate splashdown lead then pop your hook into the recess and pull down to lock into place.







The best advice when making a cascade rig is do not tighten the crimps without making sure you have the right tension coming from the hook clip and to do this i attach the lead first then clip the first snood in the hook hold and slide the swivel up until you have tension then crimp into place. When securing the second and third snoods that have the tension springs attached always makes sure the spring compresses slightly from the tension of being clipped on the cascade swivel from the previous snood before crimping into place and always allow room for the spring to decompress once released i.e leave room from swivel to crimp to allow the spring to move back.



The easiest way to show anybody wanting to try and make this rig is to put a picture below which is what i have done and you can follow it from that and the information above to make yourself one of the best rigs around that will get you to the fish then present your bait perfectly resulting in more bites and ultimately more fish. Good luck and tight lines









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