Boat Fishing

Boat fishing in the UK is growing fast. There are charter boats all around the coast line offering trips out to wreck fish, Bass fish, drift for Plaice, up tide for Cod and Huss even Tope and Shark fishing. There really is no limit to what can be caught while out on a boat.

Charter Boat Fishing

Let me explain the basics. A charter boat is where you hire an experienced skipper, with maybe a deckhand, the boat and navigational equipment for a set period of time. The knack is to hire a skipper with some great local knowledge… Payment is often split between the anglers. If you have no-one to go with, the skipper will often be able to introduce you to other anglers or add you onto a planned trip.

You might want to go Wreck fishing for example, you skipper will need to know some good wrecks for the time of year, which wrecks have been netted recently and to steer clear of. Which wrecks fish best in the tide and conditions you have on the day and most importantly which techniques are likely to work.

If you need bait, speak to the skipper. He should be able to get hold of live eel or stop to feather up some Mackerel. If not he will point you in the right direction with a bait dealer.

By law the skipper has to have certain insurance and equipment. This is for your safety, so check it!

Diva Charter Boat SW Scotland
Diva Charter Boat SW Scotland

I have collected together a number of articles to help you improve your boat fishing skills.

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I am constantly updating the articles here to improve them for you. If there is somthing missing or you would like to contribute then please contact me using the “contact us” link at the top of the page.

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