Category: How to Boat Fish

  • Bream catch reports on the up.

    Is it just me or looking through the last few months of the angling press do there seem to be more reports about Bream catches and Bream fishing methods than ever before? I would love to hear your

  • Trolling for Bass

    Trolling for Bass can be practiced throughout the UK Bass fishing season, but a change in method may be required to keep continued success. Again it LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION – look for

  • Charter Boat in Ramsgate, Kent

    Bass, Smooth hounds, Cod, Thornback Ray, Conger, Bream, Blonde Ray 420 horsepower, Cygnus Cyfish 33ft. Specialist Bass , Tope or Conger Trips. Hugh fishing deck Comprehensive suite

  • Flying Collar Rig

    Wreck Fishing

    Wreck fishing is when you fish over submerged wrecks of boats, submarines and even aircraft. As these hulks drop to the sea bed and start to decay they become a haven for small marine creatures. Over

  • Exmouth Charter boat

    Shande III from Exmouth in East Devon was the first Charter boat I went on. This is going back about 10-12 years now. Fishing out of Exmouth and having been upgraded since my first trip, Shande is