This is a Japenese method to catch a fish highly regarded in Japan, the Black Bream. It has a similarity to methods used here in the UK, that being ground baiting.

The Dango method of catching Black Bream is as follows.

  1. The DANGO is a ball of ground bait containing the hook bait which is attached to a float, The bait ball prevents smaller fish from taking the hook bait
  2. The DANGO is thrown in to the sea and goes to the sea bed with the float almost sub-surface.
  3. As the DANGO breaks down it attracts the fish by ground baiting.
  4. In Japan the DANGO is made from rice bran, red clay, bean curd, or commercial ground bait mix.
  5. The hook bait will become free and then you just wait until a fish takes.

A DANGO could be made from bran, bread flakes, sand and pulped fish and I think this method would work well for Mullet.

For more information look at this link – Dango fishing