There is nothing worse than being stuck at your favorite fishing location with nothing comfy to rest your backside on, leaning from side to side on cold stones and rocks or against metal posts is not much fun at all. therefore I want to introduce you to the best tackle seat box out there at the moment, making your fishing trip a whole lot more pleasant and all your gear organised and top hand. To be honest if you are looking for an affordable, padded seat box that will comfortably hold all the gear you need, look no further.

Padded Tackle Seat Box

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The olive and black colour-way looks in place on the shore, fishing from a boat or the river bank. It’s much nicer and looks the part more than many of the bright orange and red boxes I have used in the past. It really is a tackle box for all occasions.

Strong Fishing Tackle Seat Box

I have had lots of tackle boxes, from purpose designed to making my own from a tool box, however they never really hit the mark. This product really does the job of tackle storage very well and is a delight to use. This tackle box is robust, built from ABS and will withstand heavy use and abuse. They say it can with stand up to 20 stone sat on it and looking at the construction I can see why. The clips are robust and the hinges are strong.

Despite the strength built into the design this Fishing Tackle Seat Box box, when empty of all your fishing gear is light and with the adjustable carry strap it is easy to move around. If you load the total 21 liters it is still easy to handle.

If you are looking to walk long distances and you are happy to spend a little more money then you might want to consider its cousin -Roddarch© Fly Sea Coarse Fishing Seat Backpack.


Tackle Box Back Pack

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Compartments For Your Fishing Tackle

The top padded hinged lid has four clip locked compartments for smaller tackle items, this opens to an adjustable tray for line and an assortment of other gear like traces, hooks, beads and everything else you might need to carry for your fishing trip. The tray can then be opened into the base of the box which provides a large void to pack with other essentials like clothing, reels, smaller individual tackle containers, your lunch and a thermos or what ever else you might require.

Keeping a tackle box like this well stocked with your kit will allow you to keep all your gear safe and to hand, rather than hunting the garage when you have a psare hour or so to head to the waters edge as well as preventing you from pulling your hair out trying to find your line, rigs and reels (like I have done).