Poldhu Cove is located between Helston and Mullion. It is a sandy cove about 100 to 150 yards across and it can be fished from the beach or there are a few rock marks. Beach casting and Plugging are both well suited to the shore mark.

Bass can be taken on both methods here in later summer, but if you fish a ledgered eel or worm bait into the night Ray, Turbot and dogfish will appear.

The beach is clean ground with broken ground off to the right and left. The best rock mark is when look out to sea, walk along the right hand cliff to the end, foillow the opath down onto the rock ledge and fish. Beach casting from here is very good for Turbot., using ledgered eel.

There are strong rip tides that flow from the right hand side of the beach so take care.

Parking is easy at this fishing mark, but the summer will see the beach covered in holiday makers and the sea full of swimmers.

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