Almost any lure will catch Bass !

The modern Lures made by Rapala, Abu, Redgill which are designed to look like fish with colouration and movement fish very well indeed. In fact most modern style lure are very productive in the right conditions. Many lures when spinning simulate an injured fish which provides the Bass with an easy meal.

Rapala -  Price – Medium to High -  They make a huge range of solid body and jointed lure ideal for the Bass fisherman. The shapes run from long and narrow to tear drop shape lures like the skitter pop and rattlin’ rapala. You can get Deep dive lures like the Husky Jerk and lures that make noises while you retrieve them in the water. has the whole selection for you to see.

Redgill – Price – Low to Medium -  The original eel made by a friends Dad here in Cornwall a few years ago. They are a plastic body eel which comes in a range of sizes and colors. They have a thin flexible tail with a delta fin on the end which waggles and sends out vibrations when retrieved. They still fish very well indeed and worth having in you collection.

Storm – Price – Low – These guys make a whole host of lures. Shads are fish shaped with a delta shaped tail. They general design looks like a fish and the colors or similar. You can buy scented products which are better in my opinion as deeper water lures where color is not a factor. They also make worms, eel and crab lures….  The sky is the limit.

Flies – Price – low to free – You can purchase hand tied fishing flies for salt water use or you can tie your own. I make flies in the shape of prawns and sea slatters out of a range of modern materials, including silicon, polythene, rubber and nylon. The traditional fishing lure was made from fur and feather and the best known for sea angling was the Cod and Mackerel feathers, jigged from boats.

Devon Minnows – Price – low to free – Traditionally made from balsa wood with fins added to create a twisting motion from the lure. Painted into what ever colors you so desire. As far as I remember they were a great pike and salmon lure but can be used for Bass.

Other lures can be made from simple items like a plastic cup, sliced into strips and nicked with a hook, small slices of fish with the skin on cut into a basic fish shape. The sky is the limit, I have even caught fish in Ireland with wine gums on a hook – that is honest truth!! The lure fishing industry is the biggest it has ever been and there are hundreds of Bass lures available on the market and in your head.

As a closing note there is no better feeling than that of catching a wild fish on a lure that you have created in your mind and with your hands… that’s Bass fishing !