Bass Fishing

Bass have got to be the ultimate sea fish here in the UK. There are hundreds of Anglers who consider themselves to be Bass fishing purists. The call for the Bass angler is catching these very powerful fish on balanced tackle in their natural environment – rocky shores around the UK.

If you are new to Bass Fishing then the fishing blog beginners guide is full of useful tips and advice on water craft, reading marks, safety and tackle advice. Well worth a read first. There is a link to it in the navigation bar above this article.

Bass Fishing

Bass Fishing – Catch more Bass

The vision of this website is to provide information so you can have more success when you head to the beach and go fishing. This section is dedicated to those of you who want to target the Bass and either catch your first Bass or improve your catch rate.

Bass Fishing Guide

I spent a long time considering how I could best provide you with the most valuable Bass  resource aimed at the beginner and improver. I came up with the idea of The Bass Fishing Guide eBook. The book is full of great, no nonsense advice illustrated with great images and comes at a very cheap price! You’d be crazy not to check it out by clicking here.

Bass fishing resources:

Fishing For Bass – 7 Ways to Catch Bass

An article which cover 7 of the most popular methods to target Bass around the UK shoreline. Covered are beach casting techniques for Bass including a great video to improve your casting, Satl Water Fly Fishing, Kayak fishing for Bass and explosive fun float fishing for Bass – Fishing for Bass – 7 ways to Catch Bass

Live Bait Fishing for Bass

Bass fishing is loved for it’s explosive action. Live baiting is great for fast and hard takes. This article outlines a the methods and considerations you need to know about when live baiting for Bass – Bass Live Baiting 

Catching Bass Over Sand

This article covers catching Bass over a sand beach and is targeted at lure anglers, however bait Bass fishing techniques can easily be adopted in these situations. Here you will learn what to look for on a sand bass beach and how to catch Bass on sand beaches – Catching Bass over Sand

How to Start Bass Fishing 

For anglers who are just starting out in the field of Bass fishing this article is a must read. Concise but gives you lots of ideas and dispels a few myths and marketing gimmicks from tackle companies – How to Start Bass Fishing

Sand Eel Spinning

A very popular method and one I strongly recommend is sand Eel spinning for Bass. You get the attraction of the scent, the visual effect and vibration –  Sand Eel Spinning

Fishing for Bass at Night

Confidence id key to Bass fishing at night, even with the use of lures! Keep your lights off the water, use your senses and enjoy some great catches in the harss environment of shallow rocky shores in the dark! – Fishing for Bass at Night

Want To See How your lure looks in the Water

This is a US Bass fishing video, but just look at how to entice that take with modern lures and soft plastics


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    Really good to see how various lures work. Gave me a few pointers for our native bass

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