Carp Bait

When fishing for coarse species and big fishes like carp, you need to keep in mind some of the basic and necessarily required tips.

Carp Bait

The list below provides 10 Quicksteps about carp fishing bait :

1) Add Fish To The Spod

Add some cooked fish to the spod, as all species, however big or small love the taste of the fish. Carp anglers mostly mix tuna for its oily content and give it a real boost.

2) Use Big Baits For Big Fishes

The concept of using big baits to catch big fishes like carp, lies in the fact that bigger fishes require more calories in comparison to the smaller ones making them fall for a big piece of bait. Use the right size of bait and lure while fishing.

3) Use Easily flavoured meat

Carp fishing is mostly dominated by boilies, but using the right meat can help you trap the bigger fishes. Use easy to flavour and a hard textured meat to get it on the hook. Use larger chunk of meat that can not be eaten by smaller fishes.

4.) Bait Choice

Choosing the right kind of bait will help you catch the biggest of the fish. The choice of the bait affects your fishing experience. Use hook baits that provide a better fishing experience, when targeting for carp fishes. A lot of bait companies provide a paste that matches the boilies, enhancing the chances of carps to fall for the bait.

5.) Fine Feed Boilies

One of the best hacks while fishing for carp, is fine feeding the boilies with crumbs and salts. You can easily make a boilie crumb by crushing it in a mixer and add it to the spod.

6.) Choose The Right Quantity Of Bait

The right choice of bait is decided by the kind of fishing you are planning to do. Big fishes are targeted with bigger baits, because of the obvious appetite, while smaller fishes fall an easy prey to small baits.

7.) Soak The Boilies

Boilies, mostly shelf-life, are produced by air drying resulting in lack of moisture in the baits. The hard texture and tightening of the outer skin makes it difficult for the fishes to have a faster bite. This further decreases the chances of carps falling for your prey.

8.) Play The Color Game

Colour the boilies to entice the fish and make them fall for that shiny soaked bait. In summer, darker colours are often more effective. Craps are mostly attracted to brown and purple in winters. Try using different colours when fishing in clear water and make carps fall for your bait. A bright bait on the hook can help you get a faster bite.

9.) Use High Visibility Bait or Attractor Bait

When targeting carps, use high visibility baits that act as an attractor for the fishes. Carps are usually more attracted to shiny and smelly boilies, enticing them to the bait. Try using high nutritional baits with highlighters which can attract carp from further away. The scent or color can easily attract carp without using numerous baits.

10.) Use Boilie Crumbs

Boilie crumbs with salt are the most common additives to the spod, add a considerable amount of crumbs and salts to the spod for a faster carp bite. Use sea salt and rock salt as an additive to the spod. The traces of useful elements in these salts makes it extremely useful when fishing for a carp.

These are some of the quick and easy steps to catch the biggest carp. The Basstastic offers a wide range of fishing equipment, clothing, and other accessories for all anglers from beginners to professionals. Just follow the above-mentioned points and make sure you have the best fishing experience.