Mullet fishing in the Helford River

I spent a few hours hunting the Mullet near Gweek on the Helford river yesterday. I used a bucket of bran, brad crumbs and mashed mackerel for a ground bait. I arrived about 3 hrs before High tide and littered the mud flats with ground bait. When the first of the water washed this ground bait away I carried on throwing more towards the same location. I hade a great slick that was being washed around the area by the making tide and I could see small Mullet feeding on the surface particles.

I had a 10 foot spinning rod set up with a small bubble float, 8 foot of 5lb leader and size 6 hook. I was using a small bit of Mackerel flesh and bread on the hook. As the Mullet began to feed well I added my line into the melting pot.

The first cast spooked the fish, it was clumsy and had not taken any care at all. The next cast was much better, over the area I wanted to be in then I retrieved the float so the bait was were the fish were. As usual I missed many gentle takes as the fish slurped the bait spitting it out straight away.

Towards the end of the session I managed one small Grey Mullet returning it to its family after a very powerful fight.

I have sat back and thought about the whole Mullet fishing game and I have decided to use some of the Carp anglers methods by making some hair rigs. I feel that this might improve the bait presentation enough to catch more fish.

I will explain how I will do this for you soon, unless you have tried it already where you would like to share your findings here.

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    Here one can find some good mullet fishing tricks in the Helford river. I think you’ve hit the spot on this one!

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      Thanks for your comment there. WHat do you do at Green punt fishing????

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