Sea fishing for Beginners

Sea Fishing For Beginners

Here are some posts from the fishing-blog covering the basics of Sea angling, Known as the sea fishing for beginners guide.

I have archived lots of hints and tips to assist you in catching your first sea  fish, have a look at the list and decide where you want to start. I have ordered them in the best way to learn the art of sea fishing.

Click on the blue link and it will take you to that article on sea fishing for beginners. I do update and improve the articles, this is denoted by the edited date within the brackets.

There are other ways to contact me and gain advice from myself and others. There is a great fishing blog facebook page with around 300 followers that I would love to see you on >>> e’Sea fishing tips for beginners and improver’s, I will definitely respond and look forward to meeting you and helping you out. Twitter is also a great place for quick answers to problems about sea fishing for beginners, my account here is the fishing blogs account. I respond quickly to this. If all this fails you can drop me an email.

Anyway, lets get to the important bit, helping you catch more fish:

Sea Fishing For Beginners – Basics

There are lots of ways to catch your first fish, but having an understanding about how fish work is really important. These article give you a grounding in what makes a fish tick.

  1. The Marine fishthis article explains the basics of how a marine fish works
  2. Types of UK Marine fishflat fish and round fish (not species!!)
  3. Algea and its effect on sea fishingcover and food
  4. Tideshow they effect your fishing
  5. Wind and Sea statesunderstand the forecast to improve sea fishing for beginners

Beginners Tackle, Tips and Safety

  1. Sea fishing tacklebasic tackle (edited 23/11/11)
  2. Safetycommon sense
  3. Sea fishing termsdo you know what a paternoster is?
  4. Detecting a bite - how do you know you have caught a fish?
  5. Reading your Mark - learning what the mark is offering the fish
  6. Un Hooking Sea fish - A basic guide for treating the fish properly

Sea Fishing For Beginners – Locations

  1. Fishing the Estuary environmenttips
  2. Fishing from Harbours and Pierstips and considerations
  3. Fishing from the beacha basic guide to set you off (edited 19/11/11)
  4. The rip tide - some useful info, please read
  5. Find New fishing Marks – Some great tips on learning about your fishing mark

Beginners Species Guide

  1. Pollock fishing - ideas for increasing your catch rate
  2. Cod Fishing – Learn to catch cod from the shore
  3. Mackerel Fishing - Great beginners article
  4. Plaice Fishing – Catch a lovely eating fish
  5. Flounder Fishing – Target flounder
  6. Bass Fishing & my Bass fishing eBook – A must buy

The Ultimate Bass Fishing Guide

Karl H – Thanks for the Bass guide, it has improved my fishing
Grant C – A great guide, thaks for the help
John H – A great read straight to my email, thanks
Lindsey – Wow, such valuable stuff…

Jason – Great bass guide! Informative, straightforward no nonsense stuff! excellent! thank you!

Barry – I have I not done any sea fishing for over 40years and now that I have retired I am going to take it up again. That was the main reason that I purchased your ebook. Books on sea fishing are hard to come by in bookshops. Those that I did come across did not give me the information I wanted. Your eBook is Concise informative and value for money.

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